International patent attorney’s office supporting clients to protect and utilize their intellectual properties on a global basis

We are intended to provide technically and legally advanced intellectual property services to our clients.

Our clients’ demands have a wide variety. Regarding preparation of a specification, a high-quality specification is naturally required. However, there is an urgent case. Even in such a case, we think it is important to constantly prepare the specification beyond a certain level. We are mindful of the precise catch of the clients’ demands while communicating well with the clients..

We are thinking of the way to contribute to the clients from the clients’ standpoint.

Therefore, we think it is important to daringly offer an opinion in a neutral and objective manner by using our position present outside the clients.

Intellectual property services are very wide, including consultation and research before application, preparation of a specification for application, response in the examination stage, licensing and litigation after registration, global services such as application in foreign countries and intermediate work, survey and litigation consulting against other companies’ right, etc.

We carry out such versatile services while maintaining high level, and it is our sincere desire to win our clients’ confidence and achieve high client satisfaction.

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