Direct applications to foreign countries (Paris Convention route, etc.)

For applying to foreign countries, there are the Paris Convention route and the European Patent Convention (EPC) route.
In the Paris convention route, after filing an application (e.g., the first patent application) to the Japanese Patent Office and within a predetermined period from the filing date of the first patent application (within 12 months in the case of a patent), an application to each country of the Paris Convention alliance can be filed with filing a claim for priority based on the Paris Convention.
In each of the alliance countries, the procedure enables the application to be treated as filed at the date of filing the application to the Japanese Patent Office.
In the case of the Paris Convention route, the application should be filed to the Patent Office of each country in a form according to the regulations of the country.
In the EPC route in Europe, by filing an application to the European Patent Office, the examination is conducted collectively in the European Patent Office, and, after the registration, the application is treated based on the regulations of each European country.

International Applications based on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT application)

The international application based on the Patent Cooperation Treaty has the same effect as the applications to all the countries in the PCT alliance at the same time by filing one patent application filed to the Japanese Patent Office according to the treaty.
This system makes application procedures to foreign countries very easy.

International application based on Madrid Protocol (International application of trademark)

The Madrid Protocol (Official name: Protocol Relating to Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (adopted at Madrid on June 27 1989)) is a treaty where trademark protection can be secured in the designated signatory countries by being registered in the international registration book managed by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization.
An international application according to the Madrid Protocol enables to gain trademark protection in foreign signatory countries.

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