Patent & Utility Model
Chemical field
  • Inorganic material: ceramic material, metal material (superhard alloy, cast iron)
  • Organic material: rubber, plastic, material for manufacturing liquid crystal, functional polymer material, functional film
  • Semiconductor: semiconductor element, silicon wafer, semiconductor material
  • Chemicals: medicines, cosmetics, health supplements
Mechanical field
  • Automobile: exhaust gas treatment apparatus, aluminum wheel
  • Industrial Machinery: sewage treatment apparatus, food-processing machinery, forming equipment
  • Daily commodity: diaper, tissue paper, convenience goods, beauty supply, beauty and hairdressing instruments
Electrical field

Semiconductor: semiconductor substrate, home appliance

Design & Trademark


Domestic activities

Upon patent, utility model, design, or trademark application, we advise clients on application strategy according to the clients’ enterprise characteristics from the research and development stage for high-value applications along with the clients’ desires.

Foreign activities

We have a record of a large number of patent and trademark applications to several dozen countries including U.S.A., European countries, Asian countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Thailand and Indonesia, Brazil, Middle Eastern Countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE, and South Africa. Upon such applications and registration, we tie up with a legal/patent firm in each of the countries to advance business to acquire a stronger right while cooperating with the attorneys.

Consulting/survey service

We professionally and objectively carry out a consultation or a survey for patentability of applications of patent, utility model, design, and trademark; potential for invalidity of a competitor’s patent; noninfringement by a client’s own technology; etc.

Provision of revision information

In response to revisions of patent laws and revisions of examination rules in recent years in Japan and foreign countries, we provide the information timely and training in compliance with demands from clients.


We have flexibility and capability for urgent applications in Japan or abroad, such as the request for the application within 2-3 days.
Because we have many patent attorneys and specialists each having specialization and patent businessability, we can handle a large amount of applications at the same time.

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